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Nairobi celebrity power couple
There is a celebrity baby boom in town with the likes of DJ 7, Queen Eve and Robatta expecting their first baby’s any time now. Even though celebrities like keeping their private lives out of media scrutiny, AUSTINE OKANDE and MKALA MWAGHESHA goes ahead to dig out the latest Nairobi showbiz couples in town, most of whom could be tying the knot soon
Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi
Dating: Almost two years
Nick, the versatile actor who host a show in One FM has been seeing Bridget, a model, for nearly two years now. Since they walked down the red-carpet hand-in-hand during the launch of Shuga 11 at Museum Hill, Nairobi, a while back, the two have become the talk of town. They are always together in public functions.
“The relationship is working well because we are both ambitious driven and have managed to keep the relationship private for quite some time,” Nick told Pulse.

The Direct lending product targets youth (18-34 years) in existing formal businesses. It is strictly for financing business expansion. This may include working capital financing and income generating assets.

Features of direct lending

(i) Loan amount

The amount of Loan will be a minimum of Kes.100, 000/= and a maximum of Kshs 2,000,000 (Two Million Kenya Shillings). Loans above Kes.100,000/= must be secured by tangible assets. For loans of Kes.100,000/=,security may include chattels, stock and business assets.

(ii) Loan term

The loan term will vary as follows:

Upto Kes.300,000/= :Maximum of 3 years

Upto Kes.1,000,000/= :Maximum 5 years

Above Kes.1 million/=: Maximum of 6 years.

(iii) Pricing

YEDF will charge an interest rate of 8% Flat per annum.

A loan application fee of 1% of the loan amount will be charged upon approval of a loan facility. This will be netted off the loan amount at disbursement. The amount will take care of the pre-disbursement processes, including training.

iv) Insurance

All borrowers must be insured against death and permanent disabilities. In addition, all collateral will be covered against fire, death (livestock) and theft.

The borrower will bear the cost of insurance.

(iv) Collateral.

All loans will be secured, as follow:

Loans of Kes.100,000/= will be secured by flexible security such as chattels, stock, business assets and/or guarantee.

All loans above Kes. 100,000/= will be fully secured by tangible assets such as Financed Capital Assets/Machines, car logbooks, landed property, lien on treasury bills, bonds and shares and undeveloped property . Other forms of securities may be considered. YEDFB will endeavour to observe flexibility in determining appropriate collateral.

For the purpose of this requirement, the following security discounting margins will be applicable:

a) Chattels:

Business and household goods will be discounted at 50%.

Hypothefication of stock will be at 20%

b) Car Logbooks:

Newly registered Vehicles(0-5 yrs) will be discounted at 80%

Used Vehicles (up to 8 years) will be discounted at 70%.

c) Lien on treasury bonds/bills and shares: 80%

d) Landed Property:

City Urban(Mombasa/Nairobi and its environs):90%

Urban Town(Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nyeri, Thika, Malindi):80%

Rural Urban:50%

Undeveloped Property:50%

v) Documentation

Youth Business Loan Application Form

Loan appraisal Form

Loan insurance form

Chattels document, where applicable

Guarantee Form where applicable

Loan offer letter

Loan Repayment Schedule

Copy of Title/Relevant proposed security document

Site visit report

vi) Mode of disbursement/repayment

The Loan proceeds will be disbursed by cheque in the name of the borrower. The loan will be repayable on a monthly basis through cash deposit into the Fund`s account as advised in writing.

Adopted from Youth Enterprise Development


Bosire Bogonko is back again dropping bombs left right and centre! Today he has dropped a rather stunning revelation of the ongoings at K24!

Here's how he broke the news on Facebook:

"Working conditions for correspondents working for the revamped K-24 TV is horrible, to say but the least. Since November 2012, many correspondents never received any pay yet they deliver news daily all at our own expense and efforts. “Don’t think of facilitation since u will be dreaming…we do forward our claims every month to the person in charge of correspondent diary, but nothing seem to materialize,” said one correspondent.
When Granton Samboja took control of Mediamax as the CEO, he promised many good things, but they are yet to arrive. Instead, he hired new staff and the old guards in the field, thus denying young
talent a chance to grow.

“He paid the old journalists from KTN and CITIZEN TV and paid them hundreds of thousands of shillings while a correspondent, using his or her own camera has nothing in the pocket.” One correspondent told the Jackal News: “Guess what I have not paid my house rent of last month — 2200 shillings — and now due to delay I will have to pay with a penalty of Ksh 300 do your calculation…..still stima sijalipa… to make matter worse, T-shirts bearing Mediamax Media Group log were distributed to us. I wonder what is the need of the T-shirt while I cannot improve my wardrobe at least to look decent and as your know media is about image.. .sikudanganyi we live on handouts and other personal efforts…Boss….if they are people in misery talk of K-24 TV correspondent….of late the television have changed to be a national TV nothing local is aired.

It’s all about Nairobi and if further news of the newly employed will be aired.” “Kila saa makala sijui ya
nini..kila mtu alikuja na program me yake na ukiuliza haha – you might receive the answer as you go
home…(I hope you do treat the information with lots of confidentiality…hit this out my brother), “ the correspondent lamented"
Friday April 19, 2013 - President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have shared the Cabinet slots on a 50-50 basis, according to a source privy to State House operations.

According to the source, both Uhuru and Ruto have shared the 18 Cabinet slots equally with TNA and URP getting nine slots each.

The following is a list of Cabinet slots which have gone to Uhuru’s side TNA and Ruto’s side URP & Uhuru’s Cabinet slots

1. Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.
2. Ministry of Devolution and Planning.
3. Ministry of Defence
4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5. The National Treasury
6. Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure.
7. Environment, Water and Natural Resource
8. Energy and Petroleum
9. Mining.

Ruto’s Cabinet slots

1. Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology
2. Ministry of Health
3. Land, Housing and Urban Development
4. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
5. Sports, Culture and the Arts
6. Labour, Social Security and Services
7. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries under which are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock and Department of Fisheries
8. Industrialization and Enterprise Development
9. Commerce and Tourism which has the Department of Commerce and Department of Tourism


heavy. He touched me all over. Tracing his hands from my back to pulling my hair to gliding his fingers near the top of my pants. I moaned in pleasure. Nibbling on his ear all of the hairs on his arms rose and he started becoming more passionate. He picked me up and took off my pants then placed me on the hood of his car. He laid me down, flicked his tongue across my nipples then went


Ringtone Apoko,the gospel artist who at one point tried his hands in politics,dipped his fingers in Shebesh's butter jar.Our soource informs us the two had managed to evade the media to put the relationship a secret.the aid relatoonship dates back three years.

As a result of this relationship,Shebesh bought Ringtone a cool RANGE ROVER ,by now many of you must have heard or seen Ringtone with the said car,he must have been a hard worker literally.

Ringtone vied for mp seat in kisii where he got lesser votes than the no.of Jesus disciples,we know they were how many.he failed horribly,come 2013,Apoko again wanted to try politics but knowing he will fail Shebesh COMMANDED him to step down,instead she put him in TNA cpaign caravan where together with some artists,they transversed the country campaigninv for Uhuru,by now you must have seen him in the TNA rallies or even his fb updates will tell you.all these courtesy of Shebesh. Its unclear wether the relationship is still on but certainly the walls were painted.

Sunday, 7 December 2014


photojournalist Luke Somers from al-Qaeda in Yemen were not aware of the identity of the other hostage held with him, a US official has told the BBC.

Both South African teacher Pierre Korkie and Mr Somers were shot by the militants during the raid, US officials say, and died as a result.

A charity working with Mr Korkie said he was to have been freed on Sunday.

Its statement said the US rescue attempt had "destroyed everything".

The US says the raid in southern Yemen was launched because they believed there was an immediate threat to Mr Somers' life.

However, it is understood that a payment had been made to enable the release of Mr Korkie.

Some workers at the charity that he was with, Gift of the Givers, have criticised the US raid.

A senior official in the US administration told the BBC's Tom Esslemont in Washington that the rescuers were not aware that Mr Korkie was being held with Mr Somers.

Separately, details have been emerging of the rescue mission. US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have said some 40 special forces took part in the rescue attempt, which came after drone strikes in the area.

The rescuers reportedly landed by helicopter around six miles (10 km) from the compound where the hostages were being held. Backed by Yemeni ground forces, they advanced to within 100m (320ft) of the site in Shabwa province.

A gunfight broke out when they were spotted by the militants, one of whom was briefly seen entering the compound. US officials believe this was when the hostages were shot.

Both hostages were evacuated with serious injuries and received immediate medical care. Mr Korkie died on a helicopter while Mr Somers died while being treated at US navy ship in the region.

missing in Guerrero state has been identified from charred remains, an official says.

A family member of one of the students, Alexander Mora, confirmed that the remains identified were his.

The relative said the family had received the information from a team of forensic experts.

The students were allegedly seized by local police in the town of Iguala in September and given to a criminal gang.

Prosecutors say the gang killed them and burned their bodies at a rubbish dump near the town of Cocula before scattered their ashes in a river.

The students' disappearance has triggered widespread protests across Mexico against corruption and violence.

Another demonstration was held on Saturday in Mexico City at which parents of students spoke about the identification.

"If [the government] thinks that, because one of our boys' DNA was identified, we will sit and cry, we want to tell them that they're wrong," Felipe de la Cruz, father of a missing student, told the crowd.

"We will keep fighting until we find the other 42."


The unrest has seen President Enrique Pena Nieto's popularity rating drop to its lowest point since he took office two years ago.

In response, he has submitted a package of reforms to Congress that include replacing all 1,800 municipal police forces with state-level units.

politicised, even the olive harvest.

The first time I realised how delicious olive oil from the West Bank can be was more than ten years ago when a Palestinian farmer offered me breakfast as I stood watching a broad strip of his land being destroyed.

He was unlucky enough to live close to Ariel, one of the biggest Jewish settlements Israel has inserted into the land Palestinians want for a state.

In the first few years of this century Israel was in the early stages of building its separation barrier, the complex of walls and high tech fences that it says are necessary to protect its people from attacks by Palestinians.

The barrier would be less controversial if it followed the old 1949 ceasefire line.

It was the boundary between the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Israel, until the Israeli army captured the area in the 1967 war.

But instead the barrier takes big bites out of land Palestinians consider to be theirs.

That morning it was the turn of the farmer to see the dark earth of his olive groves torn up.

He had tried to move as many trees as possible, but his land was still going to be divided by a fence.

He was going to have to get permits to tend his trees on the other side of the wire. Most farmers, if they are lucky get a day to plough and a day to harvest, assuming the Israeli army is there to let them through gates in the barrier.

Powerful symbol

He invited me back to his house, and served glasses of sweet tea, traditional taboon flatbread, cheese made from the milk of his sheep, and a great bowl of olive oil from his own trees.

I could taste the fruit in the oil, and then a pungent, peppery mouthful. It was impossible to imagine the hills of the West Bank producing anything bland.

Olive oil from the West Bank is perhaps the most political food in the world.