Monday, 17 December 2012


Top 5 Sexiest Kenyan Socialites

These are the chicks who are always party rocking and never sorry about it. You've probably seen them in the clubs living it up, popping bottles and riding out in exotic fast cars . They live life in the fab lane, and the rest of you are jealous. Here are the top five sexiest Kenyan socialites:

5. Shiro Waruinge
The first queen of Facebook has taken her title to the social scene, which she now rocks with reckless abandon!


3. Pendo

She shot to fame last month after her sex scandal with Willy Paul took a turn for the worst, but even before that, Pendo had been known for hob-nobbing with the entertainment elite at the biggest events, and behind the scenes of some video shoots. If your name is not in the newspaper or in a Ghafla! article, you should probably keep your distance.

2. Huddah Monroe

This chic lives to party and has no regrets about that! Remember the last time Kenyan MPs wanted to raise their salaries? Huddah said herself that she didn't mind at all, as she would enjoy that cash. Nuff said.

1. Lois Hannigan

If you've ever raved at Fifis or Westlands, then you've probably spotted Lois somewhere in the mix. This model/actress parties with no holds barred. No retreat, no surrender. No stone left unturned. I think you get the point.

Think we've left some socialites out, or wrongfully included others? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section below:

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