Friday, 13 September 2013


A group of nearly 30+ MPs left the country last week for the Hague together with deputy president William Ruto who is an inductee and was to attend his trials at the ICC.

The travelling of the large numbers initially provoked many and was met with stiff criticism. The trip was projected to cost close to sh.50m for the accommodations of the MPs. However according to sureties from the government all the MPs who wished to travel were to foot their own bills.

According to sources however,the trip is being financed by thejubilee government under a shadow arena known as "Hague funds" allegedly financed by friends of Ruto.

News reaching us states the MPs who accompanied the DP to show solidarity have been living in deem conditions at the Hague. Surviving on a sh.5000 daily allowance that includes all the meals,phone calls home and any other expense.

Because of the high costs of hotels in the Hague city,the MPs through the Holland embassy have been checked into some low class hotels costing sh.20000 yes that's the cheapest our source from the Hague asserts.

Another emerging issue is that the MPs who are largely first timers in the office have been forced to share the hotelrooms two each. Since most of them haven't accumulated enough wealth they have no option but to survive.

The hearings had been adjourned till next week Tuesday and on that note the DP Ruto jetted back this morning leaving behind the stream of MPs who couldn't afford the hefty expenses of travelling back and forth to the Hague when the case resumes on Tuesday.

Apart from singing the national anthem at the gates of the ICC,the MPs according to foreign sources following the cases from the Hague,last day of this week's sitting shamelessly heckled at the prosecutor while she was walking away from the courts an act that our source terms as barbaric and shameful to Kenya. Kenyan media purposely decided to ignore this bit of the news. Bensouda simply put a smile on her face and walked away in the company of her bodyguards.

As many were following the proceedings from the public gallery which is shielded away from the court and TV sets fixed for them to follow proceedings from there,some MPs have been up to no good at all.

According to a journalist from Kenya on assignment at the Hague,4 of the MPs went missing on the Tuesday morning and weren't present at the courts sessions. It emerged later the four had travelled by train the previous night to Amsterdam.

The travel visas issued to them allows for access into all the cities except Sang and Ruto who have their movements restricted to the Hague city. The four members of Parliament one from Rift Valley region,Baringo county to be precise and the other 3 from Central part of Kenya decided to explore the Towns.

Talking to their peers,the Mps reveals that a Kenyan who happens to be a pimp at the Amsterdam city and also happened to know the youthful MP from central invited them for a picnic in the city.

Prostitution is legal in Holland and especially in Amsterdam where its a business entity regulated and taxed. On the Monday night they were at De wallen in red light district.

Red Light District is the equivalent of Koinange street where sex goes on sale any time of the day. Amidst cheers from his peers the MP narrated," I mean you walk in there it feels like you in heaven,ladies are advertising their goodies on a window shell,you pick according to your taste,black,white,flat or full bottom"

The window prostitutes(see picture at the end) who hang on the glass shielded shelters advertising their goodies are extremely expensive we learn the charges ranges from $250 to infinite. The red light is popular for being a sex tourism site and pumps immense revenue to the Holland economy.

Not able to afford the extreme prices the pimp whom is only identified as Maina took them to a backstreet brothel which is alternatively cheaper but you get the same services. He organised rooms and ladies for the gentlemen,the ordeal went on and they failed to travel back on time to appear for the morning session of the court.

The following day they travelled back and went straight to their hotels. Our source a journalist reveals to us a good number if the now idle MPs have travelled to Amsterdam and many plan to. As he puts it " guys are idle with nothing much to do,the least you can do is go strolling in the beaches and stay in your hotel. After that incident by those guys at the red light district these folks are going"

The MPs have free time till Tuesday when the DP will be back for his case to resume. Many are already complaining of malnutrition blaming the ambassador for not looking into their plights in terms of diet. Many who find it hard eating Dutch good are forced to survive on the high school luxury meal soda and bread. One MP jokes " soda na mkate itamea kwa tumbo"

Most of the MPs whose travel permits goes beyond 14 days are expected to stream back home and another group replace them.

What do you think of the mps actions and stay at the Hague.

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  1. You know prostitution is a legal business there. They must have had the time of their lives