Friday, 28 September 2012


1) Sabina Joy takes pride in being the oldest, it’s not that the ladies are hot, it’s just because of the history it bears.

2)  Munyu Road Junction on both sides of Luthuli, there are two, but one seems to be closed for repairs (when you look upstairs, you will see whores showing off their goodies.)

3) Aden – This is the worst. Women were thugs. Seems closed for now... watch that joint.

4) Amar Hotel: the place is packed to capacity. You will find prostitutes standing in the corridors making it hard for anyone to pass through. All of them caress you as you pass, if you don’t watch out, they will steal from you.

5) Kitale Hotel (or something like that): prostitutes relax on the couch. Not aggressive as those on Amar. This is because there services do not need to be bargained for. You want it you speak.

6) On the last building on Luthuli street on the right, there are three,. That is where a lot of High school students prefer. Maybe because of the price. You will always catch them there during openings and closing of schools.

7) River Road: Good Hope. You would never fail to see City Councils vehicle packed outside the entrance. Used to be very busy, however after an inferno in the place, nowadays its dull. Few prostitutes prefer it.

8) Tahiti: Members call it the Nector Room. Prostitutes day and night both inside and outside.

9) Across River Road, the famous Kericho East. Always flocked with sex thirsty perverts. Any prostitute would dream to work here. The money is good.  Whores are everywhere, in the bar, in every corridor of the building and some wait for you outside. You can’t get it without the will-power. There are rooms inside and if you go in for an innocent one drink, you will definitely be served more than that. The place is so maintained, you won’t even realize that it is a brothel.

10) The next street (Duruma Road), there is a bar called bar Jerry's. There are two more dingy lodgos there which are brothels.
11) Tea Room is probably the most famous after Sabina Joy. If you climb up the stairs to the reception, the only business there is selling out rooms and condoms. There are many prostitutes in the bar and in the rooms.

12) River Rood, Nyandarua LodgingProstitutes always loitering around there.
You will be surprised at the age of these prostitutes, some are as young as 17-year-olds. If a man passes there with no interest at them, they get angry. They can beat you up and steal from you.

13) When you move around those streets, there is Reke Marie, Modern Green (now closed), and a bar in Kamae Road.

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