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Monday September 24, 2012-After a series of claims that Kenya’s top PASTORS are fleecing unsuspecting Kenyans with fake miracles, WE undertook a thorough investigation to unearth the truth.  

The team of investigators set out to unfold the most hidden details of these shepherds who mislead their sheep for their personal gain as prophet Isaiah narrated in the Holy book.

“His watchmen are blind, they are all without knowledge; they are all dogs without tongues, unable to make a sound; stretched out dreaming, loving sleep. 11 Yes, the dogs are forever looking for food; while these, the keepers of the sheep, are without wisdom: they have all gone after their pleasure, every one looking for profit; they are all the same. 12 Come, they say, I will get wine, and we will take strong drink in full measure; and tomorrow will be like today, full of pleasure” Isaiah  56:10-12

We are going to reveal the top ten rogue pastors in the country

1. Pastor James Ng’ang’a: Pastor James Ng’ang’aof Neno Evangelism Ministry tops the list of Pastors with very questionable characters. Recently he married a school girl to be his third wife. Despite of his weary characteristics, the Pastor still commands a huge following. He performs “miracles” at a price with the minimum miracle costing, Sh 3,000. He drives top of range cars courtesy of his church coffers and he is a regular visitor of “the red light” district in Nairobi.

2. Pastor Michael Njoroge: Nicknamed pastor tapeli (con pastor) of Fire Ministries. Recently made major headlines for his association with a local prostitute whom she paid to fake a miracle and “sort her out”. He is a regular visitor of strip club located in river road Nairobi. He drives top of the range cars courtesy of his gullible followers.

3. Pastor Alan Kiuna: Pastor Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) also appears in the list. It is alleged that the Kiunas have turned the house of worship to a public air market where all sorts of business raging from prostitution to pyramids schemes is carried at their behest. He hires youths with very polished English to attract faithful.

4. Pastor Muriithi and his wife: Pastor Muriithi of House of Grace church also makes to the list of shame. Though details of the pastor remain sketchy, a deacon of the church told the DAILY POST that the pastors perform miracles at a price and his wife who is also a pastor spends church offerings in high end salons and cosmetics shop in the city. She spends Sh 40,000 a day on salon and cosmetics.
5. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru: She is the proprietor of Jesus is Alive Ministry, Starehe MP and Assistant Minister. Known for her tough stance towards men, she was recently involved in housing scandal where it was alleged she was allocated dozens of houses illegally. She lives large courtesy of her church coffers. She performs miracles at a price.

6. Pius Muiru. He is Pastor of Maximum Miracle Centre, a polygamous man with countless clandestine lovers. In 2007, he ran for Presidency courtesy of his fat wallet but   managed less than 400o votes. He is also known to have appetite for small girls from his church choir. He also performs miracles at a price.

7. Maina Njenga: The former Mungiki leader is the founder of Hope International Ministries Church in Kasarani. Though he claims to profess the word of God, he still partakes the Mungiki paraphernalia inside the church. He also commands a fanatical following.

8. Pastor Wahome: He is the proprietor of Helicopter of God Ministries Church which is located within the City Centre. He is a polygamous man with a strong affinity for married women. Recently he was in a divorce tussle with his former wife claiming for upkeep of his four children he neglected.

9 .Wilfred Lai: He is the Senior Pastor of Jesus Celebration Centre in Mombasa; he has been accused of grabbing parcels of   land in Mombasa town and its outskirts.

10. Pastor Arthur Gitonga. He calls the shots at Redeemed Gospel Churches. Known for his lavish lifestyle. He is also accused of grabbing a piece of land where his Huruma church is located.

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