Friday, 29 March 2013

CAN YOU handle this situation?

How are they gonna handle this situation? Read through..

Boss said to secretary: "For a week, we will go abroad, so make arrangements."
Secretary makes a call to Husband: "For a week my boss and I will be going abroad, so look after yourself."
Husband makes call to secret lover: "My wife is going abroad for a week, so let's spend the week together."
Secret lover makes a call to Little Johnny whom she is giving private class: "I have to work for a week, so you need not come for classes."
Little Johnny makes call to his grandfather: "Grandpa, for a week I don't have classes 'coz my teacher is busy. Let's spend the week together."

Grandpa (the 1st boss) makes a call to his secretary: "This week I am spending my time with my grandson. We cannot attend that meeting any longer."
Secretary makes call to her husband: "This week my boss has some work so we canceled our trip."
Husband makes a call to secret lover: "We cannot spend this week together,my wife has canceled her trip."
Secret lover makes a call to Little Johnny: "This week we will have classes as usual."
Little Johnny makes a call to his grandfather: "Grandpa, my teacher said this week; I have to attend classes. Sorry I can't keep you company."

Grandpa makes a call to his secretary: "Don't worry, this week we will attend that meeting, so make arrangements."

How will they break this chain? Trouble!

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