Friday, 8 March 2013

IEBC CEO, James Oswago has been LOCKED somewhere by UHURU’S men in order to RIG elections—CORD PROPAGANDISTS Assert...

IEBC CEO, Oswago has been locked somewhere in the D.O.D for the last 2 days according to Cord proponents. Sources says that Mr. Kimemia (working on Uhuru) and some top security officers locked him up last night before Mr. Kimemia proceed to the Bomas national tallying centre where they held close door meeting with Isaac Hassan and some commissioners.
Sources indicates that as soon as the meeting was over Isaac ordered all the party agents who were verifying the results before being announced to leave the tallying hall and halt the verification process citing that all the results have already been verified by IEBC commissioners n there is no need 4 party agents to verify them.
The same moles says that they decided to lock Oswago because he proposes the transparent tallying process, a process that would have denied Uhuru Kenyatta a victory.

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