Thursday, 18 April 2013

SHOCKING: JKUAT GAY STUDENT targets to INFECT 300 MEN before end year

SHOCKING: JKUAT GAY STUDENT targets to INFECT 300 MEN before end year

A second year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has sent students in panic after news went round that the student who is bisexual and gay has infected 32 students with HIV.

Read the expose below:

Hi admin plz plz hide ID becoz i have a very risky story want to tell.

sure.secured,now to the story.

Im 21,second year JKUAT i use to date girls before but for the last 2 years ive been dating men yaani im a kuchu. Ever since niligundua utamu wa kulala na wanaume ive never regreted.
i date lawyers,policemen,engineers,journalists many of who is who simply coz im very cute n sexy im a diva so dont do broke fellas. Now so far ive slept with 42 men tangu nianze,its hard being faithful,men are always all over me,taking me out of town trips buying me expensive gifts n all. However Dec.something happened.admin are you ther listening.

Ok kuna this news anchor NTV we dated kuna time tumeenda Naivasha for a weekend out.then just a by the way the VCT people were camping hapo we decided to go for check up. And the worst happened we both turned out POSITIVE,we had been doin raw for quite sometime and i couldnt tell where i got it from,neither could he.

i cried,i cried he comforted me n that night we had a mind blowing consolation sex. So with time i healed and decided to revenge,admin unajua gays hawapendi condom so they just want to ingia you nyama kwa nyama,thats was to be my loophole.all my lovers i just gave them not sure about the last but since knew my status ive slept with 42 men and sasa im even doing students from.

K.U,UON,USIU,KEMU,MKU.....kuchus wanajuana so gettin sex partner si issue,my other partners sanasana married men wananipenda sana,lawyers na hawa wakubwa nawapa ka shit. I wasnt told by who infected me so il do the targeting 300 end of year wakipenda pia waspread to their gf/bf,wives,n anybody they feel like.i dont care.but ujue tu ukinipitia,tunaenda sexy and i know it na bado ntazidi kupata na kosa langu kuwa mrembo. Leo nina wawili watanitia so..... Tel me ukipost n hide id plz plz

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  1. That business of infecting people is very bad. So selfish.