Monday, 1 April 2013

the trueth

What can be said about Luos as a tribe. I am going to try, but i know my words won't put it in the best possible way. While others were involved in guerrilla war fare with the british, Luos were the communication channel between the colonial masters and the new Kenya. Luos were the brains behind the first constitution and the declaration of kenyan independence at the Lancaster House. Luos, Odinga sacrificed opportunity to be kenyan president to Kenyatta who by then was in Jail. But Luos were the victims of their good deeds, Prominent Luos have been assassinated and killed by the Kenyatta (kikuyu) and Moi (kalengin) Regims...their only fault causing their deaths was their ability to think and appear to be more intelligent than the kenyan leadership. Luos even though only 10% of the Kenyan populations, have represented kenya in more sports even than any other tribe, from Rugby 7s, football and Cricket. Luos have brought kenya muck pride not only by having one of their own as the president of the most powerful nation on earth, but by exporting intellectuals like doctors, lecturer, engineers to other countries like South Africa, Botswana and Namibia among many other nations around the world. Luos are self reliance and very independent. It's worth remembering that even though Luos have been paying taxes since kenyan independence, Luo land has always been sidelined by the previous regimes of kenyatta and moi. Even with the seclusion for over 40 years, Luos have never been on the map for starvation. They work hard, they never benefit from the kenyan government and yet still excel in academia more than any other Ethnic group in kenya. Luos are proud people, their lifestyle, language whish is a nilo-saharan language stemming from the nile valley which was the first civilization under the kush kingdom. Luos have done kenya proud, brought great memorable moments to kenya as a country, But luos have literally never ever benefitted from kenya. Even when neighboring country Uganda was taking their land and source of livelihood, Kenya stood back and watched, but Luos still overcame (because they never rely on government anyways). my friends, I am not by any means alluding that Luos are better than anyone, but truth be told, Luos are a special group of people, and without them, Kenya would truly never be the same. So when Luos anger over elections, or hold dearly to Raila, it's because Luos can reflect that it doesn't matter who they put out for the public, he'll either be assassinated, or be cheated out. To Luos, Be proud, keep your head high, Start thinking Local than national, Start rebuilding from your home tuff, bring business to your people. Don't invest in Nairobi, Invest in your backyard and help your people rise. Sometimes you have to be selfish and progress, just like we've seen the level of selfishness in the previous elections. Help one another, consolidate your resources, both material and intellectual for the benefit of your people, establish trade channels with other Luos in the region, from sudan, uganda, Ethiopia, tanzania and disregard the boundaries put in place by colonial masters. Start trading as a people not as a nation. Like the Zulu Nation, build your Luo nation within a nation and grow from it, Keep your network and relationship with your neighbors friendly and civil, the Luhyas, the Kisii, and Rmember your friends who are struggling for the same isolations from the government like the Akamba and the people of Coast who are also fighting for their rights. Luos Nation, it's Time to RISE up like a phoenix by letting lose the nationalism bondage and baggage and engaging in a societal and community driven development. If you are a luo cop/army/GSU, remember your people have suffered the most under the government you serve, be measured and practice restrain even bias-ness if necessary, because in the polarized kenya...for each their own. Peace to the Luo Nation.

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