Thursday, 22 August 2013


List of prominent Luos or people of Luo descent

1.Oginga Odinga- Kenya's first Vice president,Freedom fighter,one of the founders of the pro-democracy movements
2.Milton Obote-Led Uganda to independence,first Ugandan Prime Minister,First Ugandan president
3.Tom Mboya-Prominent Kenyan politician,Trade unionist,Responsible for mass airlifts to send Kenyan scholars for further studies abroad,First Kenyan on Time magazine's cover
4.Justice Joyce Aluoch-First Kenya International Criminal Court (ICC) Judge
5.Barack Obama Sr- Father to Barack Obama the 44th President of the U.S.A, Recipient of the Tom Mboya airlifts
6.Raila Odinga-Son of Oginga Odinga,Prodemocracy activist,Second prime minister of Kenya,Prominent Politician
7.Robert Ouko-Prominent politician
8.Prof. Walter Jaoko - Prominent HIV/AIDS researcher
9.James Orengo-Prominent Lawyer,Prominent Politician
10.Argwings Kodhek-Prominent pre-independence and Post Independence Lawyer, known for defending Mau Mau freedom fighters in colonial courts
11.Evans Kidero-First Nairobi governor,Prominent Businessman,Prominent Politician
12.S.M Otieno- Prominent Lawyer#Prof. Jeckonia Ndinya-Achola- Prolific HIV/AIDS researcher
13.Florence Simbiri-Jaoko - Former Chair, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights
14.Anyang Nyongo-Prominent Intellectual,Prominent Politician
15.Dennis Oliech-Professional Kenyan footballer,Plays in the French football first Division
16.Juliani(Julius Owino)-Prominent Kenyan Gospel artist
17.Jua Kali(Paul Julius Nunda)- Prominent Kenyan musician
18.Grace Ogot-famous Kenyan author
19.Patrick Lumumba-Prominent lawyer and Former Constitution of Kenya Review commission Ateka Secretary general
20.Hon Grace Onyango-the first woman Mayor in KENYA
21.Bethwell Allan Ogot-Historian.
22.Major Gen. Daniel Ishamael Opande-United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone Force Commander (October 1993 – May 1995)
23.Rev. Isaac Ajuang' Simbiri-Veteran AIC pastor and Bible teacher
24.Dr. Joseph Amolo Aluoch- Eminent Consultant Physician and Chest Specialist
25.Prof Philemon Micol Sarungi- one of the first orthopaedic surgeons in Tanzania, the founder of Muhimbili orthopaedic institute (MOI),Rorya mp 2000-2010,former minister for various ministries.
26.Marando Nyaucho Mabere, prominent lawyer and politician in Tanzania, the pioneer of opposition parties, Rorya MP 1995-2000.
27.Lameck Okambo AIRO. mp Rorya constituency(2010-) in Tanzania, successful business man.
28.Hezekiah Dibogo Wenje MP(CHADEMA) Nyamagana constituency in Mwanza, Tanzania2010-
29.John Okello- the leader of Zanzibar revolution 1964.
30.Dr John Didas Masaburi, Dar es salaam city mayor.
31.Milton Makongoro Mahanga, MP Ukonga, Segerea, minister various ministries in Tanzania.
32.D.Owino Misiani, Tanzanian musician

The list so long

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