Saturday, 12 October 2013


Ruto might never have realised it! But brother,, consider the following proverb,, "shrewd is he who listens to words of advice from peers but makes wise personal decision behind closed doors! Ruto has performed well as far as these ICC cases are concerned and given the dimension the latest developments now have taken,, ANYTHING can happen! If at all you had valid reasons why you have always remained co-operative,, compliant,, obedient and above all submissive to the ICC just from the time of mentioning of the charges,, confirmation and now the trial stage then,, there equally is a justifiable need to do much more so even to the very tail end of it all! Who knows! Just strive to finish the race! God forbid! Never look behind! Fight it all alone like a true warior! Yes! Who knows!

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  1. Well Ruto has gone to Hague and I think that was his best option. The case has just fizzled out.