Saturday, 12 October 2013

uhuru dont go to haque

Uhuru don't go to Hague! Don't go baby,, don't go dear,, don't my little one,, don't go darling,, dillydally at least a little longer! NO! Don't my boy,, you are too tough,, too mighty,, tougher than all the best of laws ever drafted for the superior and the inferior; the criminals and the victims of injustices, all alike, on this planet! You are mightier than the Almighty and you are much more wiser than the dead! You are much far shrewd than the shrewd and,, your superpower surpasses all the powers in the universe! Don't make an attempt my King,, you are just too huge and not even the famous of giants can handle you! Long-live king and let it be BUSINESS AS USUAL,, what do these people know? Zero! We salute you! You are great! None is like you! Bravo!

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