Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Churchill is A Fraud! - Robert Alai
These are not my words but Robert Alai’s. The blogger alleges that the comedian never honoured his pledge to pay boxer Conjestina’s rent for a whole year even after promising to do so live on air. 

According to Alai, Churchill has not been picking calls from those who have been following up on his pledge. “Churchill of Classic FM PLEDGED on radio to pay Conjestina's rent for one year, he seems to have refused to honour that. SAD!! Uwizi. He is ever claiming to be busy. So sad!!!” imparted Alai online adding that Churchill was informed when Conjestina moved to her new house and Churchill just said, “No problem”. “These discussions were minuted. Churchill is just a FRAUD,” alleged Alai.

He has even started a trending topic on Twitter, #PayUpChurchill, in a bid to get the comedian fulfill the pledge he made. Take a look;
Churchill is not more busy than everyone in Kenya. Feigning "I am busy" to escape obligations is robbery. #PayUpChurchill
Don't push me to document these publicity cons in a blog post. Please don't. #PayUpChurchill
If Churchill was honest, he would pick calls from all those who have been following up on his pledge. He is NOT HONEST. #PayUpChurchill
saw publicity cons in #Kenyans4Kenya. Now we have another case in #PamojaConje. #PayUpChurchill

During the “Pamoja Na Conje” initiative, a host of celebs came to the fore to pledge to support the then ailing boxer to get well.

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