Friday, 21 December 2012


Churchill Responds to Allegations That He’s A Fraud
This morning, we reported about blogger Robert Alai alleging that comedian Churchill is a fraudfor failing to fulfill his pledge of paying for Conjestina’s rent. Well, somehow Alai has succeeded in trying to push the comedian to action because Churchill has responded to allegations.

However, it appears that there has been a little misunderstanding between Churchill and the committee consisting of Alai, Nonini, Suzanna Owiyo, Amb. Yvonne Khamati among others. Speaking to Ghafla on phone, Churchill’s spokesman, Mr. Ken Waudo, sought to set the record straight about the whole issue. According to Mr.Waudo, Churchill made the pledge to pay Conje’s rent on air and that the payment has not been made because the rent was next year’s. He also added that it was hard on their part to cough up Ksh.180,000 up from the initial Ksh.24,000 for rent for the whole year since Conje has since moved houses from Lucky Summer to Buruburu.

Mr. Waudo also revealed that they are in communication with the landlord as well as Conje’s dad, sister, Caro Atieno, and the boxer herself. He added that half the rent will be paid in form of a cheque today and the rest of the amount settled before the end of next year. The confusion between Churchill and the Alai camp also arose from the fact that when the committee met at Tamasha- Hurlingham, Churchill was not in attendance as he was away on duty meeting a foreign client.

Regarding the allegations that Churchill was not answering calls, Mr. Waudo said that the comedian usually has a very tight schedule but his office line is always open. He insists that they have been in touch with both Amb. Khamati and Conje’s family who have been bringing them up to date with the boxer’s progress.

As a parting shot, Churchill maintained that at no point did he try defrauding anyone and that funds are being raised and the rent will be settled fully.

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