Thursday, 24 January 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, Huddah Monroe was recently on Str8 Up with the show's hosts Ian Mugoya and Tamima shooting the breeze about a couple of topics and she also basically sought to set the record straight on some issue.

I found it funny how they skirted around mentioning Ghafla when they were discussing topics about stories we'd exclusively broken or carried about Ms. Huddah. It was also funny watching an clearly excited ian Mugoya animatedly introduce Huddah with 3 different adjectives as he stumbled through the introduction. Maybe that has to do with the fact that they share history (read kiss).
<Lips loaded, locked and ready to go!>
Anyway, the convo became alot more interesting when they asked Huddah why she chose the name Huddah Monroe for her persona. She begun a teary discourse on how hard life was for her... Nope! Not even close. No tears and no emotional recollection. But she explained that her childhood was rough. Her family apparently had a tough financial situation. From there, she simply drew a parrallel to Marilyn Monroe.
Personally, i like Tupac believe that the rose that grows through the concrete is even more beautiful. And it's never about where you're from. Rather, it's about where you're headed and from her overwhelming popularity for the BBA 8 representative, she just might be headed to the BBBA 8 house.
Watch that Str8 Up interview .

Kenya's Kim K and Shee Wauinge (who was a one time Safaricom queen of Facebook) are currently embroiled in one of the ugliest tweefs i have ever seen since Kenyans on Twitter took on Kola Boof!
And this is truly a no holds barred kind of tweef with family member being brought up! For those of you who don't know, Shee Waruinge had a young one who unfortunately died but that hasn't stopped Huddah from bringing the child up.  But Shee isn't innocent either; she has brought up Huddah's father into their drama.
To be honest that was in poor taste but they both had some gems to drop on the other with Huddah mocking Shee's forehead saying: "Forehead so big you can't even hide it with 20weaves!"
And Shee mocking Huddah's grammar: "Noticed. LOL RT : LMFAOOO! RT: Huddah reserves her best grammar for tweefs"
The insuts came pretty fast and were rather nasty but that all comes with the territory for these soc

Huddah also said, " ,I suppose that's how u got pregnant and ur baby daddy ran away! I don't blame ur bitterness.You are a DESPERATE housewife!" as a response to:
" Remember, having sex in the car with the seat belt on doesn't guarantee safe sex! Dumb s**t!"
Talk about kid gloves coming off!
"Get ur hair right,ur p***y clean and then get back at me!- 

" You claim your m.p's give u cash after sex yeah? Get a B**b job and a diploma."

"Get ur hair right,ur p**y clean and then get back at me!- "

And then there was this:
source ghafla blogg

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