Thursday, 7 March 2013


Muthama SPOKE the TRUTH
IEBC realized that their system had
been hacked into. The programmer
was given instruction to input a
permanent difference between
Uhuru and Raila with more than
400,000 votes. It had been realized
that it could not be changed under
any circumstances (after being
programmed), unless they posted
the data a fresh. The two guys
involved have been arrested.
Hope you guys have realized this
too. There is a lot of scrutiny at
Bomas and people are on high alert.
Any form of inaccurate tally is put
aside and individuals involved
personally held responsible.
Having detected this at around 3pm
yesterday, the Commission had no
option but to fully go manual. It
would have been worse had it not
been detected.
Look at this IEBC graph well, and
tell me if Uhuru's votes don't
follow the same pattern as those
I'd Raila. An external software was
at play here.

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