Thursday, 28 March 2013

My dad was a rich man as many of
you can't imagine.
He was not staying with my
mother as a little girl the reason I
never knew why.
I loved my dad to much because
whenever he visited me, he came
with some gifts and gave me
Though my mom discouraged
saying that My dad should not be
trusted that far, I never listened.
She told me that my dad even
doesn't love me because if he did,
he would have taken me to a
good school as his other children.
But I remained loving my dad.
Now my life change began when
my Mum died. I was 12 yrs old,
still in my primary.
Before she died, she told me "my
daughter i'm going but know that
your trouble has began. I was the
only pillar to you on earth now
the only one remaining is God. Be
firm he will help you"
I cried and cried as I saw my only
love mum was gone.
But I had hope in my dad who
seemed caring.
After the burial I was taken to my
dad's home. Its from there that I
faced the most suffering.
Mistreatment I could do
everything alone or with the maid.
After my primary, my dad said he
had no money to let me continue.
Thats when I understood that my
dad didn't love me. I cried for
missing education but always
prayed to God as my mum told
After 5 years at home, I decided to
get married. I was 17 and I got
the boyfriend whom I loved most.
He was 22 years guy, handsome
though not rich but i believed that
we can make it together. But as
soon as my dad discovered about
our relationship he threatened
the boy and the poor boy gave up.
I hated my dad more but i later
realised that everything was
planned by my step mom whom
people believed she be witched
my dad although i never believed
in witchcraft.
Two years later, i escaped and
went looking for my boyfriend. He
was happy to see me and as soon
as he took me home and
promised to be with me forever.
My dad looked for me but failed to
trace me untill when i was
pregnant that he met me.
After 5 yrs i was told that my dad
was seriously sick. And he sent for
me. He asked me to forgive him
and said that it was not him but
the work of satan. He gave me
part of his land and some cash. I
forgave him and realised that true
he could have been bewitched.
3 days later i heard that my dad is
gone. I cried bitterly over my dad.
But all to say was good bye dad.
I continued to live with my
husband, we soon grew rich and
it was my suprise when i saw my
step mom coming to visit me
asking for forgiveness saying that
blame everything to me.
I forgave her and i now live
happily with my husband and two
sons. But before all i always
remember my God.
Though we live in lives full of
troubles and dangers caused to
your by others, the Lord is always
there for us. And he will make us
If you believe that you will always
succeed with God,
why can't you LIKE this status and
Proudly write,"AMEN"

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