Thursday, 28 March 2013


Nairobi celebrity power couple
There is a celebrity baby boom in town with the likes of DJ 7, Queen Eve and Robatta expecting their first baby’s any time now. Even though celebrities like keeping their private lives out of media scrutiny, AUSTINE OKANDE and MKALA MWAGHESHA goes ahead to dig out the latest Nairobi showbiz couples in town, most of whom could be tying the knot soon
Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi
Dating: Almost two years
Nick, the versatile actor who host a show in One FM has been seeing Bridget, a model, for nearly two years now. Since they walked down the red-carpet hand-in-hand during the launch of Shuga 11 at Museum Hill, Nairobi, a while back, the two have become the talk of town. They are always together in public functions.
“The relationship is working well because we are both ambitious driven and have managed to keep the relationship private for quite some time,” Nick told Pulse.

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