Thursday, 28 March 2013

(i expect every girl to read it)
If ur a girl and you know u respect
ur parents, you dress decently, ur
trustworthy to ur lover, you don't
play sex with multiple partners,
you don't run after men for money,
you post decent photos not half
naked photos, you fear God, no
matter whether you got pregnancy
in a bad way but you didn't opt for
abortion and ur still looking after
ur Kid, and alike,
i like such girls, and lets be close
friends (not lovers coz i have
mine), because ur among the
chosen few!
But if you know u have done
several abortions, you started
using contraceptives at 14, u dress
indecently, you have half naked
photos on ur profile, you run after
men for money, you have multiple
and above all
you don't fear and respect God
and ur Parents, then don't be sad
when i call you a whore, a slut, coz
ur among the cursed many.
But don't runaway from me, but
come to me for Advice.
Girls you know where you belong,
if in group A keep it up and if in
group B its not yet too late, try to

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