Friday, 15 March 2013


The Illuminati tried to kill him in september 7 1996
Since then Tupac had lived in hiding under an assumed name in rural

Weekly World News reporters tracked down the beloved rap
star to his new home.
With regards to going into hiding he said,

“At first it was life or death. I’d just
been shot at and I knew it wasn’t going to stop. Once I was out of the game, a
fresh start looked too good. All the baggage from the old life, I could let it go
and walk away.”

Since then, “I mostly keep my head low. Don’t draw attention. Staying out of

When asked about how he spends his time, he said, “Ya know, same old same
old. Shop at the Farmer’s Market. Keep my bees, get some honey. Flirt with
the girls at Dairy Queen. Nothin’ big.”
For creative exploits, Tupac says, “I like to knit.” His house was covered with
hand knit pieces celebrating his former celebrity and sweaters with ‘Thug Life’
stitched on them.

Above the couch was a large tapestry depicting a scene from
his California Love video. He went on: “I do a lot of writing. Jewel’s book of
poetry, that was mine. I also ghost wrote the screenplay for ‘The Lake House’.”
Tupac said he has no plans to return to the public eye. “I’m a keep it straight
chillin’ here. Keep them bees, work the strawberry patch. End of the day, play
on with some World of Warcraft. It’s a good life.”

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