Friday, 19 April 2013

K24 "Mistreating" Their Journalists!

Bosire Bogonko is back again dropping bombs left right and centre! Today he has dropped a rather stunning revelation of the ongoings at K24!

Here's how he broke the news on Facebook:

"Working conditions for correspondents working for the revamped K-24 TV is horrible, to say but the least. Since November 2012, many correspondents never received any pay yet they deliver news daily all at our own expense and efforts. “Don’t think of facilitation since u will be dreaming…we do forward our claims every month to the person in charge of correspondent diary, but nothing seem to materialize,” said one correspondent.
When Granton Samboja took control of Mediamax as the CEO, he promised many good things, but they are yet to arrive. Instead, he hired new staff and the old guards in the field, thus denying young
talent a chance to grow.

“He paid the old journalists from KTN and CITIZEN TV and paid them hundreds of thousands of shillings while a correspondent, using his or her own camera has nothing in the pocket.” One correspondent told the Jackal News: “Guess what I have not paid my house rent of last month — 2200 shillings — and now due to delay I will have to pay with a penalty of Ksh 300 do your calculation…..still stima sijalipa… to make matter worse, T-shirts bearing Mediamax Media Group log were distributed to us. I wonder what is the need of the T-shirt while I cannot improve my wardrobe at least to look decent and as your know media is about image.. .sikudanganyi we live on handouts and other personal efforts…Boss….if they are people in misery talk of K-24 TV correspondent….of late the television have changed to be a national TV nothing local is aired.

It’s all about Nairobi and if further news of the newly employed will be aired.” “Kila saa makala sijui ya
nini..kila mtu alikuja na program me yake na ukiuliza haha – you might receive the answer as you go
home…(I hope you do treat the information with lots of confidentiality…hit this out my brother), “ the correspondent lamented"

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  1. They should treat workers with respect. They are the company.