Thursday, 18 April 2013



Eti RUTO wants FINANCE, JUSTICE & SECURITY SECRETARIES? I can laugh hysterically like someone who has smoked "that thing", Uhuru Kenyatta and his current episode of laughs won't match my laugh.

Let us look at the so called impasse soberly. This is TNA GOVERNMENT, isn't it? JUBILEE is an empty shell, a vehicle which was used to propel TNA to power. TNA will therefore decide who is who and who gets what. You don't want me to repeat that, do you?

But, WILLIAM RUTO is clever and he knows what I am saying very well. He knows that he was swallowed the moment he said TNA tosha. He knows that he as a person (Rift Valley interests not withstanding) is home and dry, satisfied with the Deputy President of the Republic. So, the so called "impasse" in naming the secretaries is therefore meant to show the people of Rift Valley that he is actually "fighting" for their interests and "fighting" for PRE ELECTION AGREEMENT to be honored. Nawambia watu wa Rift Valley ng'ooooo, hakuna kitu eti kuwatetea hapa. Hogwash...!

As I have said above, let Ruto not let me laugh, let him accept the appointments and move on. We need to know the secretaries asap and especially that of finance for money to be disbursed immediately from the national government to our governors in their various GOVERNMENTS for work to begin. Evans Kidero, Isaac Ruto, Hassan Joho and Alfred Mutua, Kabogo, Wycliffe Oparanya are waiting for money waanze kutuchapia job. Kitu gani nyinyi...?

Cc: 1) Mutahi Ngunyi - the "President's" political advisor 2) Senator Charles Keter, William Ruto's brief case carrier. 3) Media houses.

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