Thursday, 22 August 2013


I jst wana share ma story will all ladies
I am a 24 lady hu was in a bad relationship 4 3yrs.Wen I met da guy I thot he was da 1,his sweet words made me believe he loved me and of course I feel 4 that.I have done everything 2 please him,I went all out 2 prove ma love 4 him,I sacrificed my lyf 4 him but he was 2 blind 2 c all that.
All he was doing best was to tell me about how beautiful oda gals ...are,hw ma hairstyles makes him sick,he complained about almost everything in ma life.
I started 2 hv low self esteem,feel lyk m unworthy,feel unattractive coz he told me that no guy will love me.
1day he made a mistake by calling me desperate,he told me that m nt da kind of a girl he wants 2 get married 2.

That broke me 2 peaces,I was in varsity and about 2 write ma exams,I couldn't study and I was even thinking death was solution 4 me But I thank God coz he spoke sense in ma lyf.I stood infront of da mirror and looked at a beautiful woman,I pulled maself 2geda ,studied 4 ma exams and I passed.I graduated last year and God a job in 1 of da biggest companies in SA.I met a man hu ddnt even wana wait until he put a ring on ma finger,m engaged and m gona marry 1 of da best men in da world.

I have achieved many things that maybe I couldn't have achieved if I was still wit dat looser.He called and asked 2 c me and I went 2 meet him,I went 2 meet him looking beautiful,driving ma car and waving da ring on ma finger,he couldn't believe wat he saw,I took him 2 best restaurant and pay all da bills,He cried and ask sorry bt it was 2 late.After that I fell lyk on top of da world wen ma x saw me swimming in success.

Gals u worth more dan anything,dnt spend ur energy crying for people hu doesn't deserve ur tears.U are beautiful and u deserve better.
Love u all ladies God bless u

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  1. Very true. Never stick with a manipulative man who does not care about you