Friday, 16 August 2013

Shock as Uhuru and Ruto now MISUSES Policeman and Runner Kemboi to do unthinkable things in Moscow

Kenya Today:

Shock as Uhuru and Ruto now MISUSES Policeman and Runner Kemboi to do unthinkable things in Moscow

Anything-is-good-for-our-publicity government of Uhuru and Ruto yesterday shocked the international world when they employed the services of a well-known Kalenjin athlete to tell the world that Kenya is currently their fiefdom and soon will be a monarchy with Uhuru as King and Ruto as Queen.

Kemboi, a lowly paid police officer who quit regular service to run for money showed the world of sensible white people his vest with inscriptions which shocked both the wives, children and relatives of Uhuru and Ruto!

In Nairobi, so shocked were the heavens that it could neither shine properly or rain freely; save for a few torrents which the disgusted heavens could not withhold.

King Uhuru, to show his seriousness, only missed the final show in Moscow due to heavy security clearance procedures which took longer than expected considering the ICC cases where he is being charged with mass murder, otherwise, the well-orchestrated script was that the moment Kemboi removed his running gear to show the white vest; the national anthem of Kenya was to be played followed by a 21-gun salute and other things which can only be referred to as “acts of terrorism”.

Here is how Kemboi’s vest which he showed the whiteman was written:

“I dedicate my win to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Ruto, my Heroes My Kings”. Heroes and Kings?
Kenyans in Russia and other Western capitals and towns were so annoyed with Kemboi that they have sworn never to watch any race the dramatic runner will feature in again.

In Eldoret, his tribesmen were little bothered by the message; however, many old men grumbled in the manner in which Kemboi has shaved his head. He currently has a MOHAWK, a sign of devil-worshipping.

“Kijana wetu amechukuliwa na shetani, ” an old man was overheard saying. The community now plans to endorse Conseslus Kipruto, the second runner-up and Kemboi’s arch-rival, as the next torchbearer.

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  1. Let the guy show his loyalty. He won the marathon after all