Friday, 25 April 2014


This forum has some brokers who are not well informed about what they want to broker and when you out them and give them the true pic, they get emotional. One such is a guy called Dev Mbogo. I met a guy who also behaved the same.
I remember he works around Starehe or so he claimed.
He tried to con me into buying an old one IS Canon Zoom lens claiming that it was the f 2.8 IS II lens. He insisted that he could only see me at 8pm hoping that I wouldn't notice the scrapped name and forgery on the lens.
Let's be honest guys. Some of us do proper googling and self information before buying any product. Before buying a cam, DJ system or car, I would have know about it more than the average seller.
And being in the business of electronics and gizmos for the last 6 years means that I have my tentacles to detect fakes and cons in the right places.

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