Friday, 15 March 2013

hate speech bloggers to be ashamed

With the situation requiring immediate action, NTV yesterday night during the prime time news raised a red flag on what the station describes as the audacity of tribalism by a section of Kenyans who have taken breathtaking ethnic hatred to the Internet. The TV station took the bold and unapologetic step to unmask these shameless elements.

NTV also learnt that a good number of the hate mongers are in the diaspora where they have taken to the social media from Facebook to Twitter to spit ethnic hatred. The station wondered how all these escapes the notice of Mzalendo Kibunjia and “his occasionally dormant National Cohesion and Integration Commission”.
One of the station’s journalists, Sharon Baranga, even took to the street to find out Kenyans opinions on the spew on social media and according to her, “Kenyans have just three words for purveyors of hate on social media, SHAME ON YOU.”

This comes just a couple of days after comedian Eric Omondi hit out at hatemongers on Facebook in a charged post.

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